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An Update from LifeChasers

 Looking for our website? After nine years of serving leaders from all over the world, it’s time to say goodbye.

 LifeChasers has always been about promoting a point of view, an attitude, a way of looking at life we felt was worth emulating. Our goal?

 Igniting leaders to pursue God with purpose, passion, and commitment.

A website seemed a great way to start the conversation about what that would look like. We introduced you to others already doing it and offered tools and wisdom to help you on your journey.

Your response and loyalty were breathtaking. Thank you. Really. The site exceeded our expectations and we are forever grateful.

We took down our site because a lot has changed in the last nine years about the way people connect on the Internet. Social networking sites now rule. Facebook—only seven years old—boasts 500 million users worldwide and is still growing.  Blogs—112 million of them at last count—make it possible for anyone to say anything at anytime to anyone else for free. Sadly, what is said sometimes isn't even true.

In short, online “conversations” are now crowded, noisy, and undifferentiated. A lot of talk with no clear idea who is listening.

We felt it was time to step back from the noise and think about what will be most effective and appropriate for this time and place. A new name? A different forum?  A broader focus?

Our passion remains. The adventure continues. Once we sort out future plans, we will post it on this page, in the hopes that you will find us once again.

Still chasing life…and God,


Verla Wallace, President

LifeChasers, LLC

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